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Other Activities

Naxos is the biggest of the Cyclades island, so you always choose from a variety of different available activities. You can sail towards the neighboring islands of the Cyclades group in a chartered yacht or explore the nearby small islands independently. There are different types of yachts you can rent, ranging from bareboat charters to big catamarans and sailing yachts with hired personnel.

During the summer months, you can book many boat excursions to the nearby islands. This is an amazing opportunity for all those who need to enhance their experience of the Cycladic landscape and get to know more places around the area of Naxos with a comfortable short trip through the crystal clear Aegean Sea.

For those who prefer to travel by land, there are various car & quad rental centers where various types of vehicles are available for rent. You can also arrange the pickup and drop-off points for the car, so that you won’t have to worry about timetables.

Naxos also offers a lot of valuable sightseeing opportunities. You can enjoy a visit to Portara which is the big trademark of Naxos and is a huge 2500 years old monument overlooking the sea from the hilltop and visible as you enter the island. It would also be worthwhile to wander around the other monuments as well like the Temple of Demetra or Kastro or even the Melanes Kouros Statues and drop by the village as well.

Being in the center of Cyclades, Naxos is also blessed with strong winds which create big waves and make water sports a very intriguing idea for visitors across the island. There are many sports centers that offer both equipment rentals and courses for beginners and advanced learners. There are also many activities available for the whole family as well such as wakeboarding, paddle and banana. You can find sports centers just within 1 km from Medusa Resort in Plaka and Mikri Vigla.

The bottom of the Aegean Sea is very rich with fish, wrecks and other submarine treasures, visible to the visitors that have the chance to go on scuba diving. You can rent equipment and take lessons on scuba diving by trained instructors and explore the secret depths of the blue sea safely.

The diverse environment of Naxos with the beaches and small hills also gives an amazing opportunity for horseback riding. You can book horseriding courses in Naxos and get the chance to explore the island in a totally different way with your whole family. Every horse center offers available roots you can follow and also rents the required equipment for all ages.

For nature enthusiasts, hiking and mountain biking offer an alternative way to explore nature. You can book hiking tours with trained guides and breathe in fresh air and enjoy nature under the Naxian sun. The landscape of Naxos comprises of olive groves, rivers and waterfalls, making it an excellent summer choice for wanderers.

Moreover, you can rent mountain bikes and go through the different tracks of Naxos. You can drive along the coastline or in the rocky hills and through medieval fortresses and forests, thus combining sightseeing with adventure sport!

Whatever you choose to do, Naxos is certainly not going to let you down. You can choose to go for a relaxed swim to the endless beach or explore nature on horseback and bike. With its diverse landscape and multiple sights, Naxos is a very colorful island, suitable for the whole family.