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Naxos sightseeing

Naxos is an island rich in historical value. As you enter the island, you will meet Portara, an ancient 2500 year old monument which was part of a big temple dedicated to Apollo.This huge monument stands impressively on top of the hill and poses with the magnificent Cycladic sunset in the background.

The castle of Naxos is a unique round castle in Chora of Naxos and has a  conspicuous pentagonal fortification with three gates. It served as a protective shield for the fortress of the powerful Venetian Emperor Markos Sanoudos II. It consists of four floors and is well preserved up to date.

The Melanes Kouros statue is an imposing 6 metre statue in Melanes Village, in the countryside of Naxos. It is the second Kouros (male) statue after the one found in Apollonas. It is very interesting how the statue lies on the floor and is preserved on the exactly same posture in which the archaeologists found it.

The Temple of Demetra is located in Sagri Village. It dates back to the 6th century and has been exclusively made of the finest marble. The temple is consecrated to Demeter, the ancient goddess of fertility and therefore the temple has been built near fertile ground to provide protection and blessings from the goddess.


Best beaches

The western coast of Naxos where our resort is situated comprises of a long sequence of beaches which starts with Agios Prokopios on the north and ends with Plaka on the south.

Agios Prokopios is just 5 km away from Chora and one of the most popular beaches in Naxos and Europe. It has a total length of 1.5 km and is protected from the strong winds that often occur in the island.

Agia Anna occurs as the natural continuation of Agios Prokopios and is also a long sandy beach. Some parts are fully organised while others are not, so you have the chance to either relax on the sunbeds or enjoy a more remote swim.

Plaka follows naturally after Agia Anna and is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. It is calm and endless with big flat stones and crystal turquoise waters. You can find some sunbeds and umbrellas in the beginning of the beach but it still retains most of its natural and unspoiled beauty. Plaka beach also features a sports center where you can rent equipment and have fun with the whole family.

Following Plaka, you will find Mikri Vigla where is another very famous long sandy beach which is blessed by strong winds(meltemia). Naturally, this beach is world-wide famous for its waves and sports enthusiasts from all over the world arrive there to enjoy the big blue waves of the Aegean.


Best villages

Once in Naxos, one should definitely visit the Town of Naxos or Chora. Chora is the capital and main city of Naxos and the main harbor of the island. Naxos town features a mixture of Venetian and Cycladic architecture but has retained a unique local character. Chora boasts a lot of historical importance since many sights are to be found there with Portara and the Castle being just a few. The town also provides its visitors with all necessary services like bus departures for various other destinations, ATMs, restaurants and shops which make the town worth visiting.

Apiranthos (many flowers) is another very picturesque and mountainous village. Apiranthos is 32 km away from Chora and has small beautiful houses made of marble. In this village, you will find the famous Archaeological Museum of Apiranthos and other smaller museums like the Museum of Folk Art and the Geological Museum. Once in the village, you should also definitely visit the Church of Panagia Apiranthitissa with its many old icons.

Sangri is a medieval village at a 12 km distance from Chora. This village slightly deviates from the traditional Cycladic architecture since it is all built in earthly colors.  Sangri is divided in Ano and Kato Sangri with a small distance between the two. In this village, you can visit the various Byzantine monasteries and churches and the ancient Temple of Demetra.

Halki village is the biggest olive area of the island and boasts a long history. This village has been the administrative and trade center of Naxos and the buildings in the area show the wealth of the past. In the village you can see Venetian Towers and many old Byzantine churches with impressive frescoes in the interior.